Mittwoch, 24. August 2011

Village Street-Dorfstrasse

Ich habe im Auftrag diese kleine Dorfstrasse gebaut. Jedes der Häuschen ist auch einzeln zu stellen.
Luna ist mit ihrer dicken Nase natürlich wieder mitten drin , auch auch in 1:12 ((-:

I have built that small village street in a special custom order . Each of the cottages is also to use as a single roombox
Of course Luna is in there with her big nose in the middel of it, also in 12th scale ((-:

Sonntag, 21. August 2011

Come on let's play....

Also unser Wetter hier bei Köln herbstlich.... So dacht ich heute morgen das es nett wäre den Garten etwas zu "bespielen"....... Bewegung nach all der Sitzerei ist ja auch ganz nett. Was dabei rausgekommen ist seht ihr in den Bildern.
Es ist nicht meine eigene Idee, ich fand im Netz den Link von " Wee Gardens" und hab mich sofort darin verliebt ((-:

Our weather here in Cologne is ... hm ... more like autumn .... So I thought this morning that it would be nice to play something for the garden....... What came out here you see in the pictures. It is not my own idea, I found the link at the Internet of "Wee Gardens" and I was falling in love ((-:

Montag, 8. August 2011

New on Etsy

I can not sitting in the living room at night, watching only TV , so I created some new spooky miniatures (-:
Here you see some photos of the mini's I've made last week.

My favortites are the scary scull table bookstand... lol
You can find them now in my etsy shop .​55

Theese bookstands are smaller than the other I made and to used for a table.
If you like, please feel free to take a look.

Hugs, Karin

Dienstag, 2. August 2011

Busy weeks...

... still working , now I finished three large roomboxes and a fireplace.

A small backyard, usable for a street cafe, or a flower market

A fireplace done with much fun (-:

This roombox has wooden walls and a alcove bed.
I sewed the sheets and the mattress itself, I mean really .... with needle and have to know.... to sew it is not really my strength ()-:

The second roombox is a little hut of a old lady, she is living alone and she has a little bit of magic.

I will work for her a nice fireplace with a cauldron, so than she can cook her elixirs comfortable (-:

For now, I wish you all a wonderful summer evening , with candels at the table and a good glas of red wine ((-: