Samstag, 24. Juli 2010


Heute ist der Umzugstag meiner Tochter von Berlin nach Köln.
Ich singe schon den ganzen Tag vor
Nun wohnt sie mal grade 15 Minuten von uns entfernt und keine 650Km mehr.
Gott sei Dank!

Zu diesem Anlass habe ich ihr ein Willkommenschild gemacht, welches ich ihr aber noch zu einem Kettenhalter umarbeite.


  1. Karin,

    How nice your daughter is moving closer to you. I am sure you are thrilled. I love the sign you made (to welcome her home I assume). I am afraid Google couldn't translate that for me.

  2. Karin, I can imagine that you, are over the moon, that your Daughter is now closer to home.
    Love the new lay out of your blog and your new header is

  3. Catherine, I try to translate it :Anne back home in your city! That is wonderful! We are all thrilled about ((-:

    Thank you Debbie, Silke has done for me the header, I am only a computer

  4. So nice that you will be closer to your daughter, Karin. I love that sign you made with the little key, and I'm sure Anne will too.
    Your blog looks great! One of these days I'll have to try to fix mine.

  5. I am sure Anne is going to be very happy to be home. Thank you for the translation!

    Sorry I missed saying how much I love your blog header. How nice of Silke to do that for you.

    No way I will ever have any skills or repport with a computer. They are a mystery to me! I don't speak the language at all.

  6. Me encanta tu nueva cabecera de blog.
    Y me alegro muchisimo de que tu hija este mas cerca.
    Me encanta el signo de la llavectia.
    besitos ascension