Montag, 6. Juni 2011


Some of my treasures from the fair 1:12

Sweet and thick Alraune ( so very cute she is!) and 2 beautiful pumpkins: Lotti

Bird's nest and a fountain pen: Rita Beninde

Crazy mushroom and the tiny mouse: Georgia Marfels

Absolute perfect medicinal herbs( I need more!) Jeannette Buchholz

My sweet gnome woman, her name is Trienschen((-:
and pumpkins to illuminate
: Silke Janas Schlösser


  1. Hi Karin,schöne Sachen hast dir gekauft,kannst doch mit allem wunderschön deine neuen Objekte aufbauen ;-)) ! LG,Jeannette

  2. Fabulous Treasures you brought back with you. Love the Nest with the baby birds,the little mice and of course Silke's Doll. In fact I Love it all Karin xxxx

  3. Jeanette's fabulous flowers are sooo wonderful and so to scale! I always love Silke's work! Wonderful buys Karin. :o))

    Michelle xx

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